I do an "art journal" style blend of Poetry, Personal Essays, and Short Stories.  Each one delves deep into a particular area of life I find fascinating, healing or beautiful.

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My art is a complement to my writing, giving texture and illustration in the gaps where words leave space for interpretation. It is a reflection of joy in life, color and the world around me.


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Stories are the way we see the world, explain the unexplainable, share our souls and decide our fates, individually, culturally, and globally. I tell the stories of cultures from around the world, connecting the myths to the mundane; showing that we are all so similar, and differences are just lessons we can learn from one another.

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Victoria grew up in Ohio, and it was so very boring she read a library's worth of books and dedicated herself to seeing all the places she'd read about. (She's still searching for Narnia but heard The Shire is somewhere in New Zealand.) She studied English and Philosophy at Kent State before running off to join the Renaissance Festival circuit because everything's better with corsets and faeries! After spending years exploring all four corners of the US with some fabulous artist friends, hitting up Canada and Mexico, living off-grid in a tree house, and learning to milk cows on an organic farm, she finally decided she had enough life experience to start writing stuff of her own. She has been published in Ohio G.A.M.E.R.S., The Del Norte Triplicate, and the website Purpose Fairy. She also loves food, dancing all night and wearing faery wings.

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