It’s a beautiful world!

This (seriously) insect neuroscientist travels the world for research and gets some breathtaking pictures along the way

Chile is doing some amazing stuff to help preserve the wonders of the world, so might be worth a trip south to see their new

10 MILLION ACRES of National Parks!

And if you want to help the environment out a bit- here are six unexpected plastic products that are doing serious environmental damage– tea bags and baby wipes? Really?!

Just when you thought the creatures of the sea couldn’t get any weirder…..

Oh yeah! Amazing humans using technology to HELP Nature, rather than harm, love it! And blood powered batteries? WHAT?!?!

Or if your into health: versions of frosted chocolate cupcakes and peanut butter cups? Oh yeah, right here!

Science backed ways to become kinder, and they’re all free ‘n easy!

It seems so simple to acknowledge what we cherish. Yet we can easily take such things for granted. A vital part of cherishing is scanning for these tiny, beautiful moments and appreciating them. To do so, it’s important to be present and make efforts to connect, whether keeping up to date and curious about someone’s daily life or supporting future dreams. Here is an adaptation of the “cherishing” skill from The Gottman Institute, which is dedicated to research and training in fostering healthy relationships. Use it as an ingredient of joyful effort in enhancing any relationship you care about.

In your journal, write qualities that you cherish in your partner, friend, family member, or child. You might jot down characteristics such as curious, determined, funny, loyal, witty—the possibilities are numerous.

Next, write this person a note of adoration or appreciation, using the words you chose. Express your cherishing by describing why, and remember to include small, quirky reasons. End the letter with statements of love.

Uber is now into the bike sharing game– good for you, good for the enviroment!

NATURE BLOG! so many beautiful pictures!

Direct links between sustainable, walk-able communities and better overall health

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