Moon Goddess

Moon Goddess

I am the four faced woman spirit
new born child of the moon, my joy radiates
bursts from lips unencumbered
by the prejudice of time and tainted trust
a state that passes so swiftly stays forever
treasured blink of time

full face forward, woman spirit
giving forth blessings of the moon
birthing sons and bringing daughters
forth from the body, forth from the mind
mother dearest, see me clearest
giver of life, hold the sands of time

face looks past, woman spirit
bringer of wisdom, keeper of lore
see from the future, the pitfalls and highways
waits for your kindness and pays you in kind
she tells you of death, destruction, destroying
the one who is nearest the forth face of time

she is the shadow that lurks behind faces
Kali, destroyer, Hecate and Time
she brings the blessings of death and destruction
clear the path for new birth, fresh spirit to shine
joy in the process, cycle of the moon

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