It breaks my heart to see

How in your heart you reach for me

And me to you

From one to we, heal the whole in the soul

The divide inside since the beginning of time

Each one of us seeking to regain that remembered form

The security of completeness

Each friend, neighbor, stranger, inside a Lover

Each act of Atrocity, the rage of a soul

Ripped asunder from the whole

The fabric of connection,

Woven in heartbeats and hugs

Reach for one another,

Give, exchange in sounds and silence

Sense the colors of compassion

In the tongue touch of words

spoken and savored by the mind

We fear to say too much, do too much

Express our need for connection

Lest the desperation scare the still-closed hearts

Overwhelmed by the sensation

The sad state of Love

I think of you endlessly

I think of a hundred thousand souls I love so dearly,

Shining brightly in this world

This life of limitation to the physical

I think of every soul existing in this realm

So many I’ll never even have the chance

To meet and greet in jovial company

But I think of you endlessly, with Love and longing

Looking forward to lifetime I can love you in person

So know, when you wonder

How I am in love with thousand upon thousands

That you are among them

As I am among your thoughts

And so together we commune forever

In the space between time and worlds

Dreaming of the day

When we can all love as one

Once Again

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