Hope Full

I am a Hope Fool.

So full of hope that I become a fool

with my heart reaching hopefully

to the world outside, ready and willing,

wondering why wearing

my heart on my sleeve is so wrong

until the stormy weather of emotional whiplash hits

and leaves me heartbroken.

Fool of hope that I am.

But still I would rather be

full to the brim with my hope-foolishness

than wear your armor

of cynicism and mockery for one moment more.

I tried that coat of arms on for size

and found it ill-fitting,

for I am too full of hope & heart & honor,

fool that I may be.

But I imagine a world full of fools,

full of hopefulness at the possibilities

of the world we see becoming

the world we dream.

And the only way to help create that world

is to wear my heart on my sleeve.

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