Writing & Art

Artistic Poetry Journals and Short Stories!

Short Stories:

The Last Dragon : A Dragon and a Fairy choose to incarnate as humans in order to save the planet

The Jar Girl: A lost girl is found in the ocean and learns to make friends and her way in the world

Patchwork People: Symbolic story of all the ways we impact each other, how we destroy and rebuild ourselves

Artistic Poetry Journals:

Spring! Flowers, Faeries and Fantasy: An illustrated book of poetry, short story and even info on edible and medicinal flowers, all with the theme of SPRING! Available on Amazon for $2.99


The Faery Queen tells Faery Tales!

From the wild woods to your festival, bookstore, library, party, or hidden glen, the Faerie Queen will come to tell stories of her people from around the world. 3-5 cultures featured, selected for season and event, the show also features singing and readings of the Fairy's own poetry and stories!