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Short Stories, Novels and Essays oh my!

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The Jar Girl

A lost child of the ocean makes friends with a mouse, after it's death she learns to find hope again and find her path in the world

The Last Dragon

The last of his species, the Dragon travels to the land of the Fey in order to find out how to save the dying world of Magic.

Patchwork People

A symbolic mythology piece about the ways we impact each other, for good and bad, and how we destroy and rebuild ourselves from these interactions.

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Artistic Poetry Journals!

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Spring: Flowers and Faeries!

Art and Poetry all about the Element of Air, lots of fantasy and wordplay. One of my most playful pieces, all the energy of being outdoors again in the fresh new season.





A Faerie Queen to tell Faerie Tales of the wide world! I tailor the show to suit the season and the crowd. It includes stories and occasionally simple sing-a-long songs from 3-5 different cultures, as well as readings from my own stories and poetry suitable to the crowd.


My Story!

Victoria Rose specialized in Ancient and Medieval literature and folktales in her time studying English and Writing at Kent State University. She has also done a wide range of theater and musical performances in high school and college, going on to do characters such as gypsy, pirate, and of course, a fairy at Medieval and Renaissance Festivals across the country. Most recently she's played the Faerie Queen for Dreamweaver's Productions by Animal X in the "Dragon Scales and Faerie Tales" Family Show. While she adores spending time with her friend the Dragon, she also loves sharing all the amazing stories she's learned about the world, and a few she made up all by herself!

Stories Connect Us

"A writer's job is not to say what anyone can say, but to say what no one else can say"- Anais Nin

The sharing of stories, personal and cultural, gives us insight into the minds and souls of the people around us. It reminds us that there are some things we all go through, we are not alone. It reminds us that where there are Monsters, there are also Heros and Heroines. It reminds us where we are from, and more importantly, where it is possible for us to go.


Book a Story!

If you'd like to experience the wonderful world of words come to life, let me know! I adore seeing new places and making new friends!

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