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Writer, Artist, Storyteller

Writer, Artist, Storyteller

 Welcome to the Garden of Creativity!         

All arts and crafts deeply inspired by Nature


 Welcome to the Garden of Creativity!         

All arts and crafts deeply inspired by Nature

About Us


The Art

Victoria mixes Art Journals with Poetry as a way to meditate on a variety of subjects such as Spring, Heartbreak, or the Night Skies. Occasionally a fairy tale comes to visit and she writes those down too. Writing is available as online books and in print format. Paper crafts include cards, bookmarks and stickers. 


The Message

Art is the touch of God in our souls, healing our inner world, guiding us to create beauty from nothing, and helping us reach our highest potential as humankind. 


the Fairy Queen

Victoria Rose is just your normal, average Fairy Queen touring her way around the world in search of flowers, adventures and chocolate. She studied English and Philosophy at Kent State University, before starting out on her adventures. She spent a couple years living in a tree house with her pet possum and then decided it was time to start sharing some of her art, stories and silly adventures with other souls seeking beauty and magic in the world. She has also been a freelance journalist for the Del Norte Triplicate newpaper, been published by Purpose Fairy and Ohio GAMERS magazine, and performed as her best Fairy Queen self with Dreamweavers Productions of Dragon Scales and Fairy Tales. 

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